The Child Support Program – – website, has been specially set up to help children and teenagers cope with their parent’s separation.

Children and teens now have easier access to a range of resources specially developed for them including:

  • Our family’s changed – A story/activity book about family separation and the associated emotions and changes for younger children and their parents. The book encourages younger children to ask questions and talk about how they are feeling or what they are thinking.
  • A kid’s guide to changing families – An interactive game on CD–ROM (and now available to download) that gives children aged 12 years and under, practical information to help them cope with family separation and their emotions during this time. The game reassures children that they are not alone, that what they are thinking or feeling is okay and most importantly, that their parent’s separation is not their fault.
  • Family Separation: A guide for teens – Developed in consultation with teenagers, parents and CSA stakeholders to help young people cope with family separation and change. This guide provides hints and tips and contact details to a range of support services.

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