Mediation for Separation and Divorce

Working on parenting plans, parenting arrangements and financial settlements after divorce and separation. Strategies to reduce ongoing conflict in coparenting arrangements.

Mediation for separation and divorce is carried out with parties that need help coming to agreements and finding strategies on how to make that work over time.

Parties may be assisted by their legal representatives or may prefer to participate without legal representation and resolving their issues through a combination of individual and joint sessions.  In the event of a resolution not being found, or if the circumstances mitigate against mediation, a certificate will be issued in accordance with Section 60I of Family Law Act and provided to both parties.

There are 3 main reasons separating parents seek dispute resolution:

  1. Disagreements on Parenting Plans
  2. Disagreements on Financial Settlements
  3. Child Support disputes

What happens when the other parent is being unreasonable?

This is our most commonly heard complaint for separating parents. Often, both parents feel the same! More often than not, emotions and individual past histories have caused communication break downs.  We help individuals work through the emotional barriers to be able to better negotiate and settle.  We then give both parties strategies to be able to co-parent more effectively in the future. Realistically though, in some (but not most) of these cases there are issues that add to the challenges of co-parenting that are out of your control.  If this does end up applying to you, we  can help you with strategies to make it better for you, and your children, no matter what challenges get thrown at you.

Remember: If you can’t work out arrangements, your kids will be left to do it for you.  Even though they may look like they are coping, this has been shown to cause long term harm on adult children of divorce.

Parenting Plans

Different children of different ages have different needs.  Knowing what’s in the best interests for the children is not about proving one person is a better parent than the other, but coming up with a co-parenting plan that looks after the ‘how we are going to do things’ and ‘what we are going to do’ with your child’s other parent.

The irony is co-parenting takes more cooperation and negotiation now you are separated than when you were together.  Allow for that

Children benefit from time with both parents, but time and different needs will dictate what truly is in the best interests of the child.  This means parents need to be equipped to support their children and work together to address their changing needs and understand the impact this has on the other parent.

We take a child inclusive approach to mediation. This does not mean we ask children what they want, as children should never be asked to choose between parents. What it does mean is we are skilled in seeing what lies behind a child’s behaviour for their age and developmental stage, what each parent is able to contribute at the time, and work out a plan that will develop over time that works for both parents and children.

Financial Settlements

People who use mediation to work out their financial settlements after separation and divorce report greater satisfaction and ownership of the process and outcome.   We put forward the same factors the family court will consider and challenge both parties to work through their issues to settle quickly and fairly. Mediation can be face to face or via shuttle mediation.  We also do online and teleconferencing.

Child Support

Only the child support agency or the family law courts can decide on your child support responsibilities.  However we work you through the emotional impact that decisions can have on both the payer and payee.  Too often we hear child support is being used for custody agreements, or when a child can see a parent or not.  We don’t judge, but are here to help parents understand the impact they have on the children and help you to adjust to your new circumstances.  Our parenting support services provide a safe space to work through the emotional and financial loss of separation and divorce, and the co parenting difficulties that are apart of the roller coaster of separation.

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