Parenting Support

For Individuals, Families, and Children/Teenagers

Parenting support is vital for the wellbeing of families, and parents.  Parenting is a tough job, and often things don’t go as planned.

We provide a range of parenting support services dependant on your needs.

We are hear to support you in your parenting role, you children in their role in the family, and address the challenges i your life.

Priding ourselves on our customer feedback, we have a high satisfaction rate, and the pleasure of getting families back on track and empowering individuals in a new stage of life.

We also offer counselling for families and teenagers:

  • Family Counselling – Through a combination of individual and group sessions families that find themselves struggling with conflict and chaos are assisted to find new patterns of behaviour which work to change the atmosphere in the home.
  • Child and Adolescent Counselling – There is often fear or pain at the root of the challenging behaviour exhibited by children and adolescents. Working with children, as well as their parents, we assist you to find strength and courage and to change those circumstances that exacerbate the problem.


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