Resolution QLD are able to offer student placement for student mediators in their last stages of coursework.

As part of the accreditation process, student mediators are required to complete a set amount of supervised practice.  As we are not guided by restrictions of Relationships Australia or other funded bodies, we offer an extraordinary opportunity for students on mediation placement to have direct contact with clients.

What you get:

  • Observational mediation to begin with
  • Guided practice directly with clients
  • Supervision for client intake and assessment
  • Opportunities to network with the Sunshine Coast Family Law Network

All students must submit a copy of a Certificate of Currency of Group Personal Insurance as provided by their education institution.

How does it work?

We  like to offer as many people access to our services.  As such the fees provided to cover your placement go towards the fees of selected clients.  This way students are able to get access to the full placement experience, rather than just in an observatory capacity, and more clients are able to access our individual and group sessions.

Placements are limited, and are subject to an interview for suitability.

Please email or call Denise directly for more information.